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May 24, 2016

Main Topic: Have you ever wondered what all the other Disney Theme Parks are like? Can you imagine going to Hong Kong, DCA or Paris? How about doing all the Disney parks around the WORLD in 80 hours or less??? Our guest this week is Christopher Wing and he did just that! Listen to his story! 

Christopher Wing Bio: 

His day job is fighting online payment fraud. He was born in Michigan, has lived all over (his dad was USAF), including a ghost town in the NV desert. He grew up mostly on the Central Coast of Calif. Lived abroad in UK and Canada, Currently in Seattle. He’s been a lifelong Disney parks fan. His Mom worked as "friend" of Snow White in the 60s.(OMG!!) Hung out at the Disney Archives in High School, went to the 35th, 50th, 60th at DL, and has been to all parks! He owns just about every book written on Disneyland. Chris’s website is Mouse around the world, where he shares some great video on Disney history!

Ears the News: 

  • Disney Springs Town Center Opens
  • The New Sprinkles Cupcakery in DS opens a cupcake ATM!
  • Now it's time to say goodbye to all our.... Dollars?? No more Disney Dollars!!

Magical Merriment: This is our Game section where you'll find out which Diva earns her EARS this week! 

  • Let's Make a Deal ~ Disney Style

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  • Stacey Aswad ~ Must See & Must Do Disney channel
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  • And many more!!! 

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